Journey Through Music

Music is full of tradition. Whether it’s an inspiring tune or a commitment to write music from the heart, the band members of Spirit Warriorz have embraced these traditions while establishing a few of their own since joining forces back in 2000. In the time that they have been together as an influential Hip Hop Group, they have managed to capture the hearts of fans from all over, and rolled out some truly amazing tunes. Take a look around the site, and explore what the gift of music truly is.


    "Ultimate warrior"



Produced by damani


Enter the Spirit Warriorz, a group of 4 blood brothaz from New Orleans .  Group members consist of Perseus, Damani, Onaje' and Gozi.  Each brother have ventured to solo music endeavors, but together they are still a force.  The Spirit Warriorz are self made and their sound is unorthodox.  The group have graced stages in churches to night clubs. Get in touch to learn more about their musical expertise, repertoire, and performance rates.




 ONAJE' "walk with me"

Produced by ceceonthetrack

 ONAJE' ft GOZI     "t$me"

Produced by ceceonthetrack & king kel


PERSEUS, rapper, poet, story teller, God freak, mind freak energetic, charismatic, mystical, unforgettable....Perseus' lp "Mindable Creations" is coming soon



ONAJE'....rapper, poet, visionary, serious, unlimited creativity....Onaje' has released one solo project "K.W.A." and many singles and a free ep "Burning in the Reign"


NGOZI....rapper, poet, entrepreneur, thinker....young man with wisdom of the old, unmatched flow and knowledge in one



Sum of Talented Parts

Coming together to form a professional Hip Hop Group back in 2000, the collaborative efforts of GROUND BREAKIN' ENTERTAINMENT were born out of a strong desire to make a living doing what they loved the most: playing music. Since then, they’ve turned their passion into a success by seamlessly adapting their talents to the musical collective GROUND BREAKIN' ENTERTAINMENT - a creative whole greater than the sum of it’s parts. Get to know more about them below.



DAMANI, classic in house producer, rapper, and poet...most known for telling the brash truth in lyrics....dislike it or love it....its real...Damani has released two solo lps ..."A Lesson Before Dying" and most recent "AmeriKKKa's Nightmare"


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